Termite Control

Safeguard Your Property From Termite Pests

Homeowners and business owners alike can get inconvenienced by termites.

This kind of pest feeds on wood, damages the structure’s insulation, and even wreaks havoc on plants and other things. Local companies like Powerful Pest Control should be sought immediately to perform pest removal services.

Professional assistance from a licensed pest removal company is crucial in the process of terminating termites. Inspection should be conducted and followed by careful planning of strategies to minimize loss or damage of other valuables. So, there is a need for you to acquire the best termite control services that adhere to these steps.

Let us help you terminate these horrendous pests!

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How to Get Rid of Termites

Ideally, you should contact a pest control company to do the job. But as an act of first aid, here are some things that you should do.

  • Remove or move away uninfected furniture
  • Keep valuables out of the way
  • Make sure you have alternative lodging or office space while termite removal is being done in your home or business
  • Seal any food items or consumables

Every termite can cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in structural damage alone. As a home or business owner, identifying the problem immediately and contacting a professional pest exterminator will help prevent more issues.

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Termite Control Newark, NJ

You need a professional pest exterminator to get rid of termites. There are numerous termite inspection companies around Newark but the one you should hire needs to be able to perform a rigorous inspection before approaching the pest problem.


Hiring just about any pest control company in Newark might sort of delay or escalate your termite issues. Sometimes, pest problems do not come to light until it is too late and have done significant damage already. That is why a permanent and fast solution by seasoned professionals is necessary.


Also, often, pre-packaged pest products contain chemicals that could cause further damage to furniture. Using such products and being exposed to them might cause skin irritation. Termite treatment companies should not only evaluate the areas infected, but find the most suitable termite removal products to use.

Powerful Pest Control is here to provide assistance.

We have a team of seasoned pest exterminators that have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with pests, especially termite removal NJ. Our pest control in Newark is well aware of the certain precautions and safety measures needed to be taken before and after the termite removal process.


We only perform approved treatments for both conventionally terminating pests and using termite bait. We ensure that when handling chemicals, measures to prevent contamination are implemented. And when trying to reduce the use of pesticides through termite baiting, we’ll complete the removal of such pests.

Our professional termite removal team have worked with both the residential and commercial sector in New Jersey. We have seen the significant havoc that termites create especially on the structure’s wood material. Thankfully, termite control is possible.

Over the years, termites have stepped up their game in causing inconveniences which is why our team is equipped with an arsenal of effective removal strategies. Now, what you need to do is to talk with our representatives. Let us help you exterminate these pests for good.

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