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Powerful Pest Control offers customized pest removal services near Newark such as mosquito control. We provide effective pest control and customized treatment that will eliminate mosquitoes and remove their breeding grounds.

The problem with these tiny pests is that they can attack you without you even knowing. But perhaps the most frustrating about them is that they can transmit fatal diseases with just one bite. A professional mosquito removal service should be able to help you deal with this type of pesky pest.

Mosquitoes are the kind of pesky pests that you do not want to encounter whether inside or outside an establishment. For businesses operating outdoors, they are not only causing a disturbance but bring about multiple problems. 

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In the US, mosquito season often starts around mid-April and could last until the end of October. And these pests linger for the rest of the warmer season. There are different mosquito species that can be found in the United States.


Asian Tiger Mosquito

This kind of mosquito is very similar to the Yellow Fever Mosquito. These are also known as forest mosquitoes and are widespread throughout tropical regions, hence its name. But, It is also present in the United States, particularly in Hawaii, and other states that experience warm temperatures. 

Culex Mosquito

This type of mosquito is considered the most common that can be found in the United States. These are house mosquitoes that breed on old tires, drainages, and even pet dishes. 

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Another type of mosquito that is known to the United States is the Aedes Aegypti or the Yellow Fever Mosquito. Just like the Asian Tiger Mosquito, this kind breeds anywhere where there is water.

We are the mosquito control company in Newark that will deal with the nasty little creatures bugging you down. 

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Dangers Of Having Mosquitoes Around

Are mosquitoes dangerous? Absolutely! There is just no way to detect whether the mosquitoes in your home are carriers of deadly viruses. For that reason, they could easily become a life-threading pest. 

Mosquitoes can lay hundreds  of eggs on a small container such as a bottle cap. Within a couple of weeks, mosquitoes can produce up to 3,000 eggs! 

That is very dangerous. One of those eggs could carry and transmit deadly diseases. And the worst is that all those eggs could be carriers of multiple viruses.

Mosquitoes carry and spread diseases like dengue and malaria. They could also transmit viruses like the West Nile and Zika. If you have been bitten by a mosquito and experiencing high fever, eye redness, rashes, and conjunctivitis, seek emergency treatment right away.

Following the saying, “prevention is better than cure,” is not going to harm you. Do not wait for mosquitoes to multiple, call us as soon as possible for mosquito control service! Our pest control service in Newark will exterminate the pest infestation completely.


mosquito control needed as pest is on hand

Mosquito Control Treatment

Powerful Pest Control has a pest prevention program to get rid of mosquitoes anywhere. And our mosquito treatment procedures are conducted by a qualified team.

We have licensed pest control technicians that will inspect your location and areas where mosquitoes have bred. Once we have successfully determined their breeding sites, our pest exterminators will begin securing and preparing the area for treatment.

Mosquitoes are small and hard to capture, which is why we apply treatment to eradicate them. That said, they gather around in concentrated areas like a party bus. it is important to recognize those areas and to move  your valuables and other properties, including pets and children away from the site once treatment begins.

We Eradicate Mosquitoes Fast


Powerful Pest Control holds the solution to your pest mosquito problems. Our pest removal team is comprised of expert technicians who are ready to exterminate mosquitoes and help you get back on track again.

This type of insect pests can breed almost anywhere with stagnant water. That includes gutters, food bowls, and containers. While minimizing standing water in and around your property can help lessen the possibility of mosquito infestation, that does not guarantee that they will be gone for good. Our pest removal process ensures that all these hotbeds for infestation are taken care of.

A professional pest control technician or pest exterminator should help you diminish the problem quickly. Our team offers pest removal services, including mosquito pests. We offer different solutions for mosquito control Newark.   

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