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We put bugs down for good.

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Whether you need effective pest control for rodents, bedbugs, or roaches, we are here to protect your home in Newark, NJ.

Pests can inflict expensive damage to your home or business. We conduct safe methods to stop pests from becoming a nuisance.

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  • Welcome to Powerful Pest Control

We are a team of pest control exterminators operating in Essex County, New Jersey. We help save the day by providing household pest control services, as well as structural repair services.

  • Pest Control Newark Service

We offer top-notch pest exterminating services throughout Newark. Our pest control technicians follow safety protocols when performing their jobs.

  • Repair Services

Pest-related property damage is frustrating to deal with – squirrels drilling holes on the roof, ants building bases on your lawn, fleas, and bedbugs making a home off your floorboards and walls. Our Newark pest control technicians will help prevent or further any structural damages. 


The Best Pest Control Newark, NJ Service

 We have heard it all before: New Jersey is dirty!

Piles of trash and dirty streets make a hotspot for pests, including roaches, flies, and rodents. Pest of all shapes and sizes can easily invade business establishments and apartment complexes. Luckily, with the right team, tools, and solution, even the toughest pest can be eliminated quickly.

Powerful Pest Control serves Newark and its surrounding areas. We have proven solutions that work to keep the relentless creepy crawlers away from your home. We provide service in:

Most pest control exterminators have it all wrong! They focus on eradicating visible pests, not the root cause. Getting rid of visible termites is great, but if their mounds and elaborate tunnels are not dealt with, they will continue to wreak havoc on your property. All we care about is how we can destroy where they are coming from and prevent them from entering your premises.

Choosing Our Professional Pest Exterminator in Newark

  • Customer First

Our customers are extremely important to us. Putting them first is the key to our long-standing reputation as an exceptional New Jersey pest control service provider. We serve many industries from apartment complexes to hotels, restaurants, offices, and kitchens.

  • Licensed and Experienced Team

Our pest control experts are well-trained, licensed, and know Newark. We have extensive experience in analyzing and crafting the right program that will extinguish pests and control their activity. Our extensive knowledge and experience working in the streets of Newark help us provide the best service results.

  • Guaranteed Solutions

We use top-notch equipment and strategies to guarantee an effective pest control service. Our programs are completely customized to meet the needs of our customers. Implementing environmentally friendly solutions and alternatives is also one of our top priorities.

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No Wasting of Time, Just Results That Lasts

)It is common for properties to run into costly problems like a pest infestation. Termites alone do billion-dollar damage to the property each year. We have designed our services to provide solutions that will cater to unique situations. Powerful Pest Control is an expert in warding off unwanted pest activity by:

Why wait for the results from just another pest exterminator when you can hire a pest control Newark company that can treat your pest problems professionally. As a quality control company, our mission is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Pests tend to nestle in the ground, wood materials, or around water resources. And they seem to keep coming back, but we are fully equipped with effective, customized solutions that will put down those pests for good.

  • Customized for your special and unique needs
  • Designed to eradicate existing pest population around the vicinity
  • Specific and proven methods that will produce immediate impact
  • Create a pest-free environment
  • Enhanced sanitation program
  • Strategically installed traps to intercept early signs of pest activity
  • Detailed analysis of breeding sites
  • Preventive treatments that focus on common areas
  • Dissemination of correct information and key components for effective pest control
  • Environmentally-friendly pest monitoring system to detect and eliminate colonies
  • Carefully crafted intervention program to protect individuals from catching diseases
  • Correct and proper handling of chemical agents that can damage valuables, furniture, carpets, and other surfaces in your property

The difficulty with pest control depends on the level of destruction and harm pests can bring. Just like going into a battle; we carefully examine the situation, location, and size up other top-rated pest control companies, and put together a comprehensive plan that will slaughter the pests like no other. 

With that in mind, we do not just rush into blindly exterminating pests. Every pest control Newark company is different, but our method of pest control involves keeping the exterior and interior clear from pest growth. We execute measures that will prevent the pests from coming back.

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We approach every situation differently but follow these 3 steps to ensure we eliminate pest problems in their entirety.

1. Assess

Firstly, we assess the location and the behavior of pests within the area and conduct a thorough evaluation of the possible results. We leave no stone unturned, digging deep to figure out the best solution to your needs. We then lay out an extensive plan to remove pests.

2. Orchestrating The Best Strategy

Based on our evaluation, we carefully strategize how to control the numerous entry and exit points of pest mounds and where they harbor. We close the holes, crush their nest, and block gaps where they can enter. We use a variety of tactics to determine the best remedy. We go the extra mile, as strategizing is where most pest control services get it all wrong.

3. Execution

We waste no time in putting all resources to set our groundbreaking plans in motion. A vision without action will take you nowhere. Our team of dedicated and professional pest exterminators will get you the result you want and need.

Keeping Newark, NJ Pest Free!

  • Residential Pest Control

Powerful Pest Control can manage pest issues including bugs, rodents, and roaches that frequent in the household. We offer household pest control solutions that fit your needs! You can trust us to deal with your pest issues safely and follow precautionary steps to make residential pest control services a job well done.

  • Commercial Pest Control

 Are pests causing troubles in your commercial property? Our pest control team is ready to assist you. We offer an array of pest control services that will clear your premises of unwanted little guests. We are committed to making sure our customers in Newark and the whole community is fully protected from any pest trying to reenter the area.

Scheduled Maintenance

Faced with a pest invasion?

Powerful Pest Control, a pest exterminator, will assist you in avoiding a small pest problem that turns into an expensive ordeal. Learn more about how Powerful Pest Control can help your residential or commercial space become free from pest infestation.

The results you can expect from our services will largely depend on the kind of pest situation you are dealing with. Our Newark pest control can remove birds, squirrels, and possums quickly. However, severe pest infestation due to ants, bed bugs, and other insects will take more time to resolve. Several treatments may also apply.

So what are you waiting for? Prevent future problems now! Consult with our pest control Newark service today for more information. You can also request a free estimate.

Talk with our customer service representatives and let us begin tailoring the right pest control services for your needs. For pest control in Newark that can guarantee you will have no more worries or invasion to deal with, contact us today! 

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