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Pest Control Service in Elizabeth, NJ

Aside from causing property damage, pest infestation can be dangerous to your health too. Powerful Pest Control are a team of professional pest exterminators based in Elizabeth, NJ. Have a pest problem? Get in touch with us.

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Elizabeth, NJ Pest Exterminators

All homes will eventually encounter pest problems, be it roaches, bedbugs, or rodents. Whether you are trying to take preventive measures or are already dealing with an infestation, we are here to help.  


At Powerful Pest Control, we get all kinds of service calls in or near Elizabeth, NJ, and since our office is in New Jersey, we are able to answer emergency residential and commercial pest extermination quickly.

You can reach us by phone and ask for a free pest control estimate. One of our staff will send gladly send a quote via email.


But why work with our specialists? Because we give 100% in every pest control work we do.

  • We will send only the best. That means a skilled pest exterminator will handle the pests on your property.
  • We offer unmatched services and give insights into what you might really need.
  • We use humane ways to get rid of rodents, birds, squirrels, and others as much as possible.


Get in touch with Powerful Pest Control for your Elizabeth pest control needs. Our customer service team can discuss your pest issues and schedule an initial assessment as well as send a free estimate upon request.

Powerful Pest Control Extermination Services Unparalleled in the Industry

  • No one likes the thought of pests infesting homes. However, this is a household problem that many of us may have to face at some point down the line. The good news is that Powerful Pest Control comprises highly skilled pest exterminators.

    We can catch and eliminate unwanted house guests before they create bigger and costlier damages. Check out our available services below.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs infiltrate homes through items you bring inside the property and will live anywhere they have access to food. This kind of pest causes severe skin irritation or allergic reactions. Our technicians will use safe and effective treatments and ensure our service will help prevent future infestation.

Cockroach Control

Roaches are some of the most common pests we see at home or in public places. Many of us dislike them and for good reasons as cockroaches can cause allergies and spread diseases.


Cockroach infestation is also often difficult to treat. If you suspect roaches living in your home, you need to deal with the issue immediately. Enlist the professional help of Powerful Pest Control for our extermination services. 

Rodent Control

Mice and rats can feast on almost anything from your clothing to the debris in the walls. They are also prolific breeders and can double their numbers in just days. Preventing them from entering your property is crucial.


Powerful Pest Control provides treatments needed to eliminate rodents. If you suspect rodent activity, call us. Rats can quickly and easily transmit diseases, so it is important to eliminate them from the property immediately.

Bird Control

Are sparrows, starlings, or pigeons nesting on your roof? Aside from being loud and carriers of diseases, birds can cause property damage. Their droppings can also create slip and fall hazards. Our team are capable of using multiple techniques that ensure that birds are removed from your home safely and humanely. 

Termite Control

Termites create huge structural damage to houses and furniture. Powerful Pest Control can inspect areas of your home and provide proper treatments using eco-friendly termite baiting to eliminate colonies and prevent future infestations.

Fleas Control

We have skilled pest experts who have developed effective strategies to get rid of fleas.  When you hire a professional Elizabeth pest control company, there will be no need for frustration about fleas ever again.  

Mosquito Control

Is your outdoor area overrun with flies and mosquitoes? With our services, you can be sure to be rid of them in no time. Our pest control is one of the best ways to eliminate pest mosquitoes. Contact us for more details.

Top Rated Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Elizabeth, NJ

Pests interrupt daily living, invading residential and commercial spaces and causing tremendous amounts of costly damage and issues. Powerful Pest Control is a full-service pest control company offering various pest extermination services in Elizabeth, New Jersey and are capable of managing any pest infestation issues quickly using highly effective methods. We offer various pest extermination services to deal with pests at home.


We are pest exterminators servicing Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas. Make an inquiry about our pest control services today.

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