Cockroach Pest Control

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Cockroaches are a growing problem in New Jersey, with increased infestation incidents going on for years. Although roaches seem like the most difficult to eradicate, these creepy crawlers can be dealt with by Powerful Pest Control.

We provide commercial and residential pest removal services in Newark and surrounding towns such as Jersey City, Elizabeth, Irvington and East Orange. We have cockroach pest control protection against a broad range of roaches, including Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, and more! 

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Cockroach pest control
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Household Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are some of the most popular pests that can be found in dense residential areas like Newark. They are not just a nasty nuisance, but also carry various bacteria and diseases. To prevent these pests from infiltrating your property, make sure your environment is clean. 

But, do not fret! Finding roaches does not automatically make your house dirty. Structural damage such as loose pipe drains and broken vents might be the culprit. 

Some of the first things you need to check when inspecting a home are the holes and cracks on the wall where roaches could be hiding. The problem with cockroaches is that they crawl on dirty areas and force their way into the property through window and door gaps and crevices among others.

If you are trying to find local pest control, our team is ready to provide the residential pest control services you deserve. We offer cockroach treatment at home and pest removal plans to keep you at ease. 

Cockroaches can hide under the bed, in the cupboards, or under the sink. The right household pest control is what you need to get rid of these disgusting creatures! 

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Cockroach Facts

Roaches love to crawl and fly everywhere. If you are running a restaurant or retail store, you know that these creepy pests are a big No-No! They may contaminate the food, utensils, and leave an unpleasant order.

There are about a dozen types of cockroaches and all of them could be a carrier of germs, bacteria, viruses, E.coli, and salmonella. Roaches can produce 300 eggs in their lifetime making their population bigger and bigger each year.

  • German Cockroach

This is the most common type of cockroach which can be found in the kitchen or areas where there is moisture or food lying around. They are extremely difficult to exterminate since they have a big population.

  • Smoky Brown Cockroach

This kind of cockroach often hangs near water sources or in the garden. They are usually found around flower beds.

  • American Cockroach

This cockroach is attracted to decaying matter or food. They are often found near the plumbing, sinks, and bathtubs.

Stored products can also be carriers of cockroaches. Dried fruits, flour, grains, and cereal are the usual hotbed for pantry pests. The problem with this type of infestation is that it can either be contained in a single box or widespread within the entire pantry.

If you are looking for the best Pest removal Newark, NJ, Powerful Pest Control is the deal. When roaches infestation is too widespread to control, that is the time to reach out to the Cockroach pest control near you. We have successfully treated residential and commercial roaches for numerous customers.

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Help Newark Control The Cockroach Population

A proactive approach to roaches prevention is the best way to make your home, business, and the whole community safe from a cockroach infestation. 

  • Sweep or vacuum food particles after eating.
  • Be careful when traveling or staying in other places. You might be bringing cockroaches from hotels or vacation houses, so always check your baggage before leaving.
  • Be vigilant when purchasing second-hand furniture or beds. 
  • Make sure wet areas are left dry, including countertops or glasses of water. 

Cockroaches control is important in order to:

  • Protect the health and wellness of the public.
  • Prevent damage to buildings and houses.
  • Minimize cockroach overpopulation.

Do not attempt to exterminate cockroach infestation on your own. Pest removal is not something you should DIY, instead let a NJ professional pest control service deal with it.

You Need The Strongest Cockroach Protection From The Top Pest Control Company

Good pest control can be done by pest control companies like Powerful Pest Control. We provide the right pesticide control service that will reduce the chances of roaches infestation.

Our pest management solutions are personalized according to our client’s needs. That way we can ensure the success of the process. We use methods and equipment that are safe to use and won’t cause damage to your valuable things. And our pest control spray is guaranteed to kill every germ, bacteria, and roaches.

We can handle both inspection and extermination!

What we can offer:

Together with Powerful Pest Control, we will resolve this disgusting issue. Your cooperation will impact your community. To ensure safe and effective cockroach removal in Newark, contact the pest control company that can provide everything you need.

When you hire our pest removal company, our team will help you get acquainted with the cockroach treatment at home. We will also provide a detailed procedure on pest protection for businesses. Roaches are nasty little creatures that can transmit allergies and diseases.

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