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Newark Bird Control Services

Birds can be a nuisance just like any other pests. They nest in the roofs and are known to carry numerous bacteria and diseases. Let us help remove them now before they create bigger and costly problems for your business or home.

Let us get rid of pest pigeons in your area!

  • Pest Bird Species

There are four main kinds of birds that can be found in communities. Here are some of the bird pests that contribute to noise pollution, hazards, and health issues.

  • Starling

This kind of bird is a major pest problem, especially in agriculture. They damage crops and transmit diseases.  

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  • Sparrow

Aside from the pigeons, another extremely common bird pest are the sparrows that are living in close proximity to humans. Their annoying traits include producing noises and clogging gutters, drainages, and pipes with their nests. What you need is a sparrow removal Newark to trap them with minimal destruction or harm.


  • Seagull

This type of bird is protected by the laws, so they are not generally considered pests. However, seagull infestation is a problem that should be dealt with. They often build their nest on the roof or chimneys that could cause fire hazards.

  • Pigeon

Known for their droppings and for causing accidental falls, pigeons are some of the filthiest birds. They are attracted to areas with tons of people and nest on structures near a stable source of food and where they can be safe.

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Each of these species can host numerous issues especially for food-related businesses or residential areas. When these birds are in the flocking phase, they could overwhelm properties and buildings.

They are responsible for hundreds and thousands of dollars of damages including:

  • Damaging structural integrity of a building or a house
  • Contaminating food or water causes public health problems


Pigeon Control NJ 

Pigeons bring some pesky problems that hinder our day-to-day living. Aside from their feces being everywhere and carrying other small pests such as lice, ticks, and fleas that could be transferred to people, they can damage cars, roofs, and other valuables like children’s toys and bicycles.

Call us for Newark pigeon removal!

Although birds are not commonly synonymous with pests wreaking havoc, hiring a pest exterminator or a professional bird control company will eliminate your worries and risks.

We offer pest control for birds in Newark, NJ. 

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Our team is equipped with the right control tools and methods that are designed to effectively attract bait, and trap birds. Our Newark Pest control technicians carry a variety of devices for effectively remedying your pest problems.

  • Our seasoned technicians will begin by investigating the infested area or property. And then we will locate the bird pests.
  • We will set up the devices and traps accordingly to attract the birds.
  • All our measures are guaranteed safe and will not cause health issues to our team or clients

If you have any troubles with any types of birds nesting on your property, we provide local pest removal services that will help you. We are a pest removal company in Newark and we are ready to make your pigeon or bird problems go away for good.

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